Monday, 27 July 2020

Discoveries at Dusk by Juliet Thomas


Tall grasses glow in golden light
Nodding their allegiance to the sun,
A harmony of hues, brown sugar to pistachio
Dancing together as one,
Cheeks painted with soft breezes,
Breath slows, heartbeat eases

Overhead, the silent shadow of the last hunt
Flickering feathers in perfect hover
Below unseen, a field mouse freezes, then
Makes a last-dash for cover
‘Too late’, I whisper and sigh
Kez dives, slicing the sky

Urgent bleating raises my gaze
To the nursery on the hill
Weary mothers scold scamps to come closer
Still frolicking, despite the evening chill
I stroll on, eyes drawn to the sinking light
To secret stories of an early Summer’s night

As I head further up, curious cows say 'Hello'
Calves are skittish, mothers stood firm
Or bowed, chewing sweet long grass
The little ones look on and learn
 I talk to them softly, not wanting to scare
Yet the mothers still fix me, with a protective glare

Minute by minute, sky gods design
A prestigious work of art
Strokes of lemon, paprika, aubergine and olive
Stretching like dough pulled apart
I refuse to blink, transfixed I stare
Breath held, in the heady dusk air

At the end of the lane, I steal one last look
To the field on the right, at the top
Searching to confirm my friends are there,
I spot the hares’ form when they halt to a stop
Smiling, satisfied, I nod, the fabric of my walk complete
I turn, feet firm, revived by nature's daily retreat   

Note: In lock-down, a 15 minute walk up the lane has been a little slice of heaven and it's amazing what you get to see in a short space of time, and breathe....


  1. I can just taste the crispness of the fresh air. Thank you for sharing your sunset in verse, Juliet.

    1. Thanks Owen, hope you've had a lovely birthday this week!

  2. Thanks Juliet - I have been revived by your observations of our beautiful world.

    1. Aww thanks Andrew, that was my intention :-)

  3. Breathtaking ....aaawwww thanks Juliet