Friday, 1 May 2020

Today is the Day by Juliet Thomas

Today is the day, the very 1st of May
Where a new future for me awaits
It feels very odd, to be left on my tod
And enter a new state of fate

Away from the regime, and chemo nurse team
Who have cared for me half the year
And after this session, along with their blessing
I can start to get rid of the fear

From two-weekly plans and interim scans
My life has been all about treatment
Now I’m more free, to get back to me
With family and friend’s encouragement

If only this virus, wasn’t so tireless
In its bid to take over the planet
I want to return, to the places I yearn
I’ve done my time, god dammit!

I’ve missed all my friends and key fashion trends
As I’ve had to become such a hermit
No eating out, and G&T droughts
Because chemo would just not allow it

No walks in the wood, when feeling not good
And sleep, well I just cannot find it
No concerts to sing in and definitely no swimming
Lack of freedom, has been the worst bit

But of course I am grateful, my outcome’s not fateful
I’ll start to rise up again
As my body recovers, I’ll start to discover
New ways of keeping me sane

Thank goodness for writing, it’s keeping me fighting
To find the joy in most days
Add in some sketching, and a little gentle stretching
And the warmth of those first Spring rays

My wishes and dreams, need to wait it seems
To drive to those views of the sea
Breathe in salty air, right here I declare
My friends are coming with me

For celebration, a stay-cation
To catch up and laugh to the core
Until that time, I’ll stay home, stay fine
Hoping soon to be together, once more

Image is of a painting of Staithes I did from a photo I took at their famous art festival that normally takes place in September - just one of the places I can't wait to get back to!


  1. A moving Maytime poem. Here's hoping you will be able to properly return to life out in the open soon. Thanks, Juliet.

  2. Moving words, Juliet, a doubly difficult time for you. When this is all over I hope the sun keeps shining so you can enjoy the uplift of nature and the company of friends.

  3. Oh, how we will celebrate when enjoying each others company again. And most of us have had only a few weeks of restrictions, not months. Yes, today is the day, and it always is.

  4. A lovely poem, Juliet. It sets us all free. Because everything is what we make it. Thank you. And I look forward to seeing you soon.